The school is a whole-day co-educational school. Teacher to student ratio is 1:18. Each school year is divided into two terms. Subjects taught include Chinese, English, Mathematics, Science and Health Education, Social and Cultural Studies, Physical Education, Music, Visual Arts, Religious Education, Computer Studies and Library lesson. Starting Grade One, English is used as the medium of instruction for the subjects English, Mathematics and Science and Health Education and Putonghua for the subject Chinese and Social and Cultural Studies. This curriculum will help students to master their English and Putonghua more effectively. In order to enhance the students' ability in learning and using English and Putonghua in their daily life, we have recruited 12 English-speaking teachers from different parts of the world to teach English and Science & Health Education. Besides, we have also got a team of well-qualified Putonghua-speaking teachers to teach Chinese and Social & Cultural Studies in our school. They have all passed the Language Proficiency Test for Putonghua Teachers by EDB, HKSAR and owned the qualification of Professional Diploma in using PTH as a Medium of Instruction granted by the Chinese University, HK. Since September 2001, the School adopted the policy of having the subjects of English, Chinese and Mathematics taught by subject-trained teachers, so as to allow more space for curriculum planning and classroom arrangements. As this is a preparatory school of St. Stephen's College, our pupils enjoy the privilege of priority for places in the College provided that a certain standard is attained. (pass grade for the core subjects: Chinese, English and Mathematics)

The School boasts a variety of extra-curricular activities, which include: School Orchestra, School Choir, English Club, Chinese Club, English, Chinese and Putonghua Choral Speaking Teams, Swimming team, Basketball Team, Table-Tennis Team, Tennis Class, Instrument Classes, Athletics Team, Cub-scouts, Green Corner, Religious Gatherings and Dance groups. Besides, other programmes like the bi-ennial Concert and Overseas Education Tour and the yearly Outdoor education camp help students develop different skills and broaden their horizons.

The ultimate aim of the school is to educate children to achieve perfection in conduct, independence in personality and correct attitude in treating matters. This helps lay a good foundation when the pupils have to further their studies.

The school puts emphasis on activity and inductive approaches, balancing between classroom learning and extra-curricular activities, providing pupils good foundation to master the ability in using two languages and three dialects, allowing pupils to get a wide exposure of Information through establishing Information Technology teaching; encouraging pupils to read more widely, to opine and participate more actively in class; stimulating pupils' potential and training them to think and work independently with various incentives.