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About us: Our school New Library has been officially opened on November 2016, with purchased more than 3000 new books. In order to provide a better and more comprehensive bibliographic search service, the School Library has launched a new catalogue search system. To increase library usage, we have adopted a custom-made system to classify all library books rather than the traditional classification by Dewey decimal system.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday - 1st, 2nd, 3rd recesses and after school (15:15 - 16:30)

Targets : Staff and pupils of the School


Library materials lending services:

1. Borrowing processed with library cards issued by Hong Kong Public Libraries

2. Time limit for borrowing library materials : 7 days (excluding Saturday and Sunday)

3. Borrowing limit for library materials : each card holder can borrow a maximum of 2 items each time


Book borrowing information:

1. Borrowed items : most of the Chinese and English items can be borrowed, the higher rate goes to the literature types, general science types, civic education types, history types and music types of the Chinese Section. Among the English material, the more read items are the story types and biological types.

2. Reference items : reference materials can only be read within the library. They include : tool books (dictionaries and thesauruses, encyclopaedia, handbooks, directories) teachers' reference books, rare edition books, serial material and periodicals.


Recommend a good book: Since 1998, the library has been compiling a list of books to recommend to different grades in coordination to their different themes of learning at different periods throughout the year. This has been well-received by teachers, pupils and parents. When the new term commences, the library will carry on with the good tradition to recommend new good books to pupils.

Library Rules


Book Recommendations

2018 September



簡介:本校新圖書館經過悉心籌建,已於2016年11月正式落成啟用,目前已添置了新書3000多本。 為了提供更完善和更全面的書目檢索服務,圖書館開始採用新的檢索系統。同時,為了提高圖書館的使用率,我們還自創了一套圖書分類法,即按照書本內容來把圖書分門別類,取代了傳統的杜威十進分類法。



本館開放對象: 本校教職員及本校學生

本館借閱須知:  1、 採用香港公共圖書館借書證

                         2、 借閱期限: 7日(周末及假日不計)

                         3、 借閱數量: 一張圖書證可借閱兩本書籍

本館借閱信息: 1、 外借類 :      本館大部分中英文書籍均可外借,其中借閱率較高的是中文部分的文學類、科學普及類、公民教育類、歷史類、音樂類;英文部分借閱率較高的是故事類及動植物類。

                              2、 參考類 :      參考類書籍僅限本館閱讀。參考類書籍包括:工具書類(字詞典、百科全書、手冊、指南)、教師參考書、珍藏版書籍、連續出版物

本館書籍推介制度: 自1998年起,本館根據不同年級、不同學科以及本校不同時期的教育主題而精心製作的書籍推介廣受師生家長的歡迎。新學期開始後,本館將延續該優良傳統,定期推介好書、新書。