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DateNotices & Circulars
5-7-2018 Prize winners of the Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony on 5th July 2018
22-6-2018 IBL Exhibition and Presentation
22-6-2018 BOB secondary booklist
BOB secondary booklist
22-6-2018 2018 G6 Enroll Parent Letter
15-6-2018 Battle of the Books Booklist Summary
15-6-2018 No.34 - Year-end Assembly
通告第三十四號 年終周會
15-6-2018 No.33 - Parents Day
通告第三十三號 家長日
12-6-2018 Notice No. 32 Stay Vigilant against the Spread of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) in School
通告第三十二號 預防手足口病在校內傳播
1-6-2018 End of Boarding Programme 2017-2018
End of Boarding Programme 2017-2018
6-6-2018 Notice No. 31 Payment Arrangement
通告第三十一號 繳費安排
6-6-2018 S1 Attainment Test Practice
6-6-2018 Notice No. 30 IBL Project Week
通告第十七號 專題探究研習週
1-7-2018 Notice No.29 Application For Primary One Admission (2019-2020)
通告第二十九號 招收2019-2020年度小一新生
18-5-2018 Time-table and Syllabus for Final Exam 2017-2018
16-5-2018 Boarders’ Post Exam Activity: Ocean Park visit
11-5-2018 Notice No. 28
4-5-2018 No.27 - School Fee and Boarding Fee Adjustment
通告第二十七號 學費及宿費調整
27-4-2018 Boarding Programme
13-4-2018 The 80th Anniversary Celebratory Events Subject Seminar Series IV – 數難?So Difficult?
八十週年校慶慶典活動 學科講座系列IV –數難? So Difficult?
13-4-2018 Rope Skipping Team Recruitment
Rope Skipping Team Recruitment
27-3-2018 Notice No. 26 Swimming Pool Family Membership
通告第二十六號 游泳池家庭會員證申請
23-3-2018 Notice No.25 The 80th Anniversary Concert
通告第二十五號 八十週年校慶音樂會
23-3-2018 “HK URBAN CANVAS 2018: EXHIBITION” Visit
參觀「城巿閘誌 2018」展覽
23-3-2018 G6 Cultural Exchange Tour 2018
23-3-2018 Shopping Activity
23-3-2018 Discovery Dome
Discovery Dome
16-3-2018 Notice No. 24 Ordering School Photos
通告第二十四號 訂購拍照日相片
16-3-2018 The 80th Anniversary Celebratory Event G1 & G 2 Parent-Child Fuzhou Education Tour
八十週年校慶慶典活動 一、二年級福州親子教育團
16-3-2018 Campus Highlight Tour & “Studying at St. Stephen’s College”
8-3-2018 The 80th Anniversary Celebratory Event “Be a Teacher a Day (II)”
八十週年校慶慶典 「家長也來當老師 (II)」活動