Notices & Circulars

DateNotices & Circulars
8-3-2018 Visit to Zoological Park
1-3-2018 SSCPSPTA Notice No. 13 Grade 6 Parents & St. Stephen’s College Parents Tea Gathering
家長教師會通告第十三號 六年級家長及聖士提反書院家長下午茶聚會
26-2-2018 Notice No. 23 Make-up IBL Project Week
通告第二十三號 補辦專題探究研習週
9-2-2018 Notice No. 22 The 80th Anniversary Souvenirs
通告二十二號 八十週年校慶紀念品
9-2-2018 SSCPSPTA Notice No. 12 Lunar New Year Gift Transfer Programme
家長教師會通告第十二號 賀年禮品轉贈計劃
9-2-2018 Visit to Hong Kong Monetary Authority
9-2-2018 Notice No. 21 Spring Social Arrangements
通告二十一號 「春郊遊樂」活動詳情
7-2-2018 Special Notice
6-2-2018 The 80th Anniversary Concert Ticket Ordering
6-2-2018 Notice No. 20 Parent-Teacher Day
通告第二十號 家長日
2-2-2018 Character Dress-Up Day
2-2-2018 Grandparents Club
2-2-2018 LEAP Spare a Lai-See Fundraising Project
2-2-2018 Notice No. 19 The 80th Anniversary Thanksgiving and Rededication Commemorate
通告第十九號 八十週年感恩崇拜
2-2-2018 SSCPSPTA Notice No. 11 The 80th Anniversary Concert – Parents’ Choir Performance 23 April 2018 (Monday)
SSCPSPTA 第十一號通告 八十週年校慶音樂會–家長合唱團表演 二零一八年四月二
26-1-2018 Notice No. 18 Spring Social
通告第十八號 春郊遊樂
26-1-2018 Extra-Curricular Activities Notice (2nd Term)
19-1-2018 The 80th Anniversary Celebratory Event Sharing by Mr Thomas Chan & Ms Teresa Lee
八十週年校慶慶典活動 李微微、陳文超伉儷分享會
19-1-2018 Notice No. 17 IBL Project Week
通告第十七號 專題探究研習週
12-1-2018 SSCPSPTA Notice No. 9A Submission Details for 2018 Graduation Yearbook
12-1-2018 Visit to the Police Dog Unit and Force Search Unit Training School
12-1-2018 The 80th Anniversary Concert Appeal
12-1-2018 Notice No. 16 Arrival of the Winter Influenza Season in Hong Kong Additional Measure on Temperature Monitoring
通告第十六號 香港進入冬季流感季節 量度體溫的額外措施
8-1-2018 Bratislava International Youth Music Festival 2018 Enrollment Form
布拉提斯拉瓦國際青少年音樂節2018 報名表
5-1-2018 一至五年級第一期考試及六年級第二期考試
1st Examination time-table and syllabus of G1-G5, 2nd Examination time-table and syllabus of G6
15-12-2017 SSCPSPTA Notice No. 10 Parents’ Film Show and Sharing “Video games addiction – film show and sharing”
家長教師會通告第十號 家長電影播放及分享會「打機王電影播放及分享੍
15-12-2017 The 80th Anniversary Celebratory Events Subject Seminar Series III – Chinese
八十週年校慶慶典活動 學科講座系列III – 中文
15-12-2017 Notice No. 15 Photo-taking Day
通告第十五號 拍照日
12-12-2017 Bratislava Internatioal Youth Music Festival 2018