Food Waste Machine

The Food Waste decomposer installed in our school canteen in April 2013 is sponsored by the Environmental Campaign Committee and the Environmental Conservation Fund.

The aim is to reduce waste from our daily life and raise environmental protection awareness among students.

The Oklin Food Waste decomposer does not only help reduce kitchen waste, but it also helps in keeping the environment clean and green.

We collect all food waste during lunch time. After the compost is ready, Ms Teresa Chan leads the Environmental ambassador to plant domestic crops in the Green Corner.

Environmental Campaign Committee and the Environmental Conservation Fund have
kindly sponsored the Food Waste decomposer.


The Food Waste Decomposer was installed in our school Canteen in the academic year, 2012-13.



To understand the daily operation of the machine, a seminar was held for our environment ambassadors
and support staff.


Every day after lunch, students and the support staff deposit the waste food in the machine.


After few days, the waste food is decomposed into organic compost.


The compost is then mixed up with soil in the ratio of 1:2 and kept it for 20 days.




We use the compost for plants in the Green Corner.





An environmental talk for the whole school was also held on 4 October, 2013. Special guests
shared the topics on Food waste problem in Hong Kong and how food waste machine helps to
reduce the food waste in School.