School News

24-10-2016      Visit to Phoenix TV Studio

20-10-2016      PTA Annual General Meeting Arrangements on 20 Oct 2016

20-10-2016      Boarders are allowed to go home tonight

20-10-2016      ECA Arrangements on 20 Oct 2016

 3-10-2016       33rd Swimming Gala

30-9-2016       恭賀5A班茅凱淇同學和鄧澄同學分別勇奪第一屆GAPSK港島區普通話朗誦比賽小五至小六組


30-9-2016       Special Notice (3) for Swimming Gala

29-9-2016       Special Notice (2) for Swimming Gala

19-9-2016       2017-2018 Grade One Interview: First Round Results

  4-9-2016       School commences  

28-7-2016       Congratulations to our Supervisor, Professor Frederick Leung for receiving a top award in Mathematics

                      education, “The Hans Freudenthal Medal for 2013” in Hamburg

28-7-2016       SSCPS Campus Channel - 12 Good Books English Section

28-7-2016       SSCPS Campus Channel - 12 Good Books Chinese Section

27-7-2016       Closure of Swimming Pool (1-6/8)

15-7-2016       Re-opening of Wilson Wang Water Sports Centre

19-5-2016       Congratulations to our Boys Badminton Team for coming 2nd in Hong Kong Island

                     East Area Inter-Primary Schools Badminton Competition

19-5-2016       Congratulations to our Badminton team for winning the TORQ International

                     and HKFC Junior Badminton Tournament 2016

13-5-2016       Grade 6 Graduation Camp

13-5-2016       Campus Channel (Sports Day 2016)

11-5-2016       Sports Day

10-5-2016       Arrangements under red rain warning

  3-5-2016       Fixed Term Note Programme for Primary One

27-4-2016       南區道路安全運動2015/2016標語創作比賽得獎者

25-4-2016       Special Notice for Sports Meet

22-4-2016       Sharing Session on confidence by Mr Marchy Lee

20-4-2016       Boarding Activities (February)

12-4-2016       G.6 Overseas Education Tour 2016

  8-4-2016       The results of the 68th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival

16-3-2016       Environment Talk

16-3-2016       1-Hour Training in First Aid

16-3-2016      《只要有愛,腦退化不可怕》戲偶劇場(認識腦退化活動)

14-3-2016       2016 第22屆聖經朗誦節獲獎名單

12-3-2016       Power Point of 2016 Overseas Education Tour Pre-departure Briefing Session

11-3-2016       Concert 2016 Performers List

 7-3-2016        恭賀二年級普通話集誦隊勇奪2016第22屆聖經朗誦節小一至小二組普通話集誦比賽冠軍

 5-3-2016        Spring social (campus channel)

 5-3-2016        Spring social 

 3-3-2016        Congratulations to our school Table Tennis Team (B Grade) for getting Merit in Hong Kong

                     Island East Area Inter-Primary School Table Tennis Competition

 1-3-2016       67th Hong Kong School Speech Festival (Solo Verse Speaking Champions)

29-2-2016       恭賀3A班鄧貝兒同學及1C班劉玥昕同學分別勇奪全港青年普通話朗誦比賽(公民教育)