School News


 11-4-2017      Congratulations to our School Badminton team for scoring 2nd (Boys) and Merit (Girls) in the Hong

                     Kong Island East Area Inter-primary Schools Badminton Competition (2016-17)

   7-4-2017      Yundi Li’s “Life is Experience” Sharing

   3-4-2017      The SSCPS Sleepwalkers participated in “ORBIS Walk for Sight 2017”

 31-3-2017      Character Day

 20-3-2017     恭賀4A班劉善瑤同學和鄧貝兒同學分別勇奪全港青年普通話朗誦比賽(公民教育)


 13-3-2017     2017第23屆聖經朗誦節獲獎名單

 13-3-2017     恭賀二年級普通話集誦隊勇奪2017第23屆聖經朗誦節小一至小二組普通話集誦比賽冠軍

    1-3-2017    感謝農夫叔叔阿姨光臨溫室給予種植的指導

    1-3-2017    ECO – Buddy Visit ‘Food for Good’

  25-2-2017    Spring Social

  20-2-2017    Inquiry - Based Learning project week

  20-1-2017    第六十八屆香港學校朗誦節獲獎名單

  12-1-2017    “Strings of Imagination China” Fundraising Concert Opening Performance conducted with Orchestra

                     String Ensemble and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

  12-1-2017     Samples of Class and Group Photos

  10-1-2017     Sports Day

    9-1-2017    “Together We Can Make A Difference” Fundraising Concert for Druk Padma Karpo School

                     by Chevaliers Choir

16-12-2016     Green Christmas

14-12-2016     Music exchange with Raffles Girls’ Primary School Band from Singapore

14-12-2016     Congratulations to Symphonic Band who got the silver award in 2016 Hong Kong Youth Music

                     Interflows - Primary School Senior Symphonic Band Contest

 9-12-2016      The Results of the Hong Kong Island East Area Inter-Primary Schools Swimming Competition

 9-12-2016      Basketball Friendly Match with St.Paul’s Co-Educational College Primary School

 9-12-2016      Congratulations to our Football Team for coming 2nd in Hong Kong Island East Area Inter-Primary

                     Schools Football Competition 2016-17

 8-12-2016      Congratulations to Shek Cheuk Yiu Rose (5C) who won the Champion at the Camac Prize 2016

                     (Open Pedal Division) in Taiwan 

 8-12-2016      恭賀三、四年級普通話集誦隊於第六十八屆香港學校朗誦節勇奪亞軍

30-11-2016      Grade 4 Education Camp (HKFYG Jockey Club Sai Kung Outdoor Training Camp)

30-11-2016      Congratulations to Sung Alannah Rui Xin (4B) who came second in Grade 3 Piano Solo

                      (Piano Pieces for Children) in the 9th Hong Kong Students Open Music Competition

30-11-2016      Congratulations to Lai Cheuk Kei Brandon (3B) who came second in Grade 4 Piano Solo

                      (Concert Group) in the 9th Hong Kong Students Open Music Competition

22-11-2016      2016第22屆聖經朗誦節小一至小二組普通話集誦比賽片段

17-11-2016      Open Ceremony of Ho Shung Yuk Building

  7-11-2016      團體齊惜福的謝潔玲老師蒞臨分享《對待食物對與錯》及《讓廚餘重生》的知識及觀念

  4-11-2016      Speech Day

  4-11-2016      Aniform day

24-10-2016      Visit to Phoenix TV Studio

20-10-2016      PTA Annual General Meeting Arrangements on 20 Oct 2016

20-10-2016      Boarders are allowed to go home tonight

20-10-2016      ECA Arrangements on 20 Oct 2016

 3-10-2016       33rd Swimming Gala

30-9-2016       恭賀5A班茅凱淇同學和鄧澄同學分別勇奪第一屆GAPSK港島區普通話朗誦比賽小五至小六組


30-9-2016       Special Notice (3) for Swimming Gala

29-9-2016       Special Notice (2) for Swimming Gala

19-9-2016       2017-2018 Grade One Interview: First Round Results

  4-9-2016       School commences