School News

20-7-2018 Music Tour

28-6-2018 Grade 4 Post-exam Art Workshop 3Rs & 3Cs PlasticMosaics

27-6-2018 Graduation Dinner 2017-2018

26-6-2018 Year End Assembly (G4-G6 Prize winners)  updated on 28/6 / Year End Assembly (G1-G3 Prize winners) updated on 28/6

31-5-2018 惜福學校銀獎 Silver Award in XiFu School Green Life Education Program

13-5-2018 Congratulations to Natalie Chan (6B) for winning the Outstanding Debater award at the 5th Primary School Debating Tournament.  Well Done!

8-5-2018  The Interhouse Rope Skipping Competition

1-5 / 4-5-2018  G6 Cultural Exchange Tour 2018

1-5-2018  The results of Lam Tai Fai College Swimming Championship

30-4-2018 Be a Teacher a Day II

29-4-2018 本校足球隊成員於4月29日參加由時代足球會舉辦之2018修頓兒童足球賽,並勇奪U10組亞軍U8優異組冠軍

26-4-2018 五年級中文科辯論比賽(評判:許楨博士)

25-4-2018 69th HK Schools Speech Festival Results (English)

14-4-2018  Briefing Session of 'Be a Teacher a Day II'

                    Briefing Session of G6 Cultural Exchange Tour 2018

26-3-2018  2018第24屆聖經朗誦節獲獎名單

23-3-2018  G4-G6早會嘉賓講座---生物多樣化(香港觀鳥會勞丕禮小姐)

21-3-2018  Congratulations to Charlianne Cheung (1B) and Ralph Chan (6A) who were finalists in
                     the Hong Kong Young Writers Awards 2018. Charlianne won in the Poetry Group 1 category
                     with her poem ‘Monkey King’. Both of their entries have been published in the HKYWA 2018 anthology.

20-3-2018  恭賀2A劉心睿同學和5A劉善瑤同學分別勇奪全港青年普通話朗誦比賽(公民教育)

20-3-2018 Congratulations to our Boys C Grade Fencing Team (Foil Division) for getting MERIT in All
                    Hong Kong Inter-Primary Schools Fencing Competition 2017-18: 1D POON Kai Yiu Ashley,
                    2A LAI Kwun Hang Curtis & 3C CHAN Kory

18-3-2018 恭賀5A班馮以德同學勇奪第五屆聖公會盃小學足球賽足球技巧大挑戰控球王冠軍

16-3-2018 Assembly Guest Speaker

16-3-2018 2017-18年度全港小學分區跳繩比賽成績

14-3-2018 The 80th Anniversary Thanksgiving and Rededication Commemorate at St John’s Cathedral

3-3-2018    Spring Social 2018

7-2-2018    Special Notice

6-2-2018    The 80th Anniversary Concert Performers’ List  (Feb 06 updated)

1-2-2018    Congratulations to the P2 Winner of the 4th HK Inter-Primary School Spelling Competition 2018, Super
                    Speller – Owen Chow (2D) and Tristan Lui (3A) who came third in the P3 Category

17-1-2018  環保大使參觀油塘社區廚房

16-1-2018  The results of 2017-18 Hong Kong Island East Area Interschool Athletic Competition

16-1-2018  Friendly basketball match with St Paul’s College Primary School

14-1-2018  恭賀本校足球隊勇奪由香港仔坊會於2018年1月14日舉辦之「坊會盃足球賽碟賽」冠軍。

13-1-2018  The 80th Anniversary Celebratory Events Subject Seminar Series III – Chinese      

                     (PowerPoint1) (PowerPoint2) (PowerPoint3)

8-1-2018      第六十九屆香港學校朗誦節獲獎名單

6-1-2018      WOO Timothy Wai Kan 6B represented our school in the The Provincial Education Service

                      at St. John's Cathedral on Saturday, 6th January 2018.

20-12-2017 Christmas Parties & Assembly

19-12-2017  With the aim to reinforce the values of love, care, kindness and acceptance in students,

                       Grade 5 and 6 students watched the movie ‘Wonder’ on 13th December 2017.

18-12-2017  "Be a Teacher a Day I"

17-12-2017  恭賀本校足球隊於12月17日勇奪南區小學七人足球賽季軍

13-12-2017  Friendly Basketball Match with St. Paul’s Co-educational Primary School

8-12-2017     G1: School Picnic at Aberdeen Country Park

                        G2: School Picnic at Lion Nature Education Centre

                        G3: School Picnic at The Peak

                        G4: Education Camp at Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village

                        G5: Education Camp at Lady Maclehose Holiday Village

                        G6: School Picnic at Kam Tin Country Club

3-12-2017     Family Fun Day

30-11-2017   感謝「校園齊惜福」的農夫親臨温室指導種植

29-11-2017   2017 Family Fun Day - Rundown and Site layout

25-11-2017   “Castles Can Fly ™” Parent-Child Sandcastle Activity

17-11-2017    A talk "Books are a Brain's Best Friend" by Ms Sarah Brennan

10-11-2017   Speech Day

6-11-2017      The Results of 2017-18 Hong Kong Island East Area Interschool Swimming Competition

3-11-2017      Aniform Day 2017

31-10-2017   67th Sports Day

21-10-2017    Subject Seminar Series I & II – English & STEM

17-10-2017    Annual General Meeting of Parent-Teacher Association

13-10-2017    Seminar held by FOOD Angel

10-10-2017    Shooting by TVB big big channel

6-10 / 7-10-2017     2018-19 P1 Interview

3-10-2017      Boarders' Mid-autumn Festival Gathering

30-9-2017      Meeting with Mrs Maria Anantawan

28-9 / 29-9-2017      34th Swimming Gala

27-9-2017       SPCA Aniform Day Kick-off Ceremony

25-9-2017        Tender Notice for the installation and technical support of Campus TV

14-9-2017        2018-2019 Grade One Interview: First Round Results

8-9-2017         Visit of Educatior from Philippines

1-9-2017         School Commences

12-7-2017        Memorial Services of Mr Luke JP Yip

  7-7-2017        Sad News