Our Boarding Life

In-line with our school philosophy of all-round development in our students, our boarding life provides a nurturing ambience and real opportunities for the students. We are proud to say that over the years with our programme we have consistently contributed meaningful citizens to the society.


Boarding Program

The one-year boarding programme is compulsory for Primary 6 students as part of their education at SSCPS. Commencing from September 2007, all grade 6 students will be exposed to this unique tailor-made boarding programme.


Benefits of Boarding?
Boarding is an integral part of school life; a home away from home where students learn physical, mental and emotional independence. This new found confidence will help students to be pro-active in all aspects of life and also will gear them for critical thinking.people.


With appropriate guidance and real opportunities, students will learn the much-needed values in life, to root them more firmly into their surroundings, which is an important facet of a personality.


This sharing and learning will teach them co-operation and appreciation for family and life in general. The students will also learn the skills of communication, reasoning and negotiation.


Being away from home means that students have to try harder to solve their problems and to seek support and advice from other sources. But boarding at SSCPS provides a supportive, warm and friendly environment for them to develop lasting friendship. It will provide a very strong basis for their future development both educationally and socially.



This boarding experience will provide them with the opportunity to develop more fully in the following key areas:


-Thinking and decision-making

-Self-management skills

-Social skills

-Building new friendships

-Coping strategies ( for pressure, stress, relationship etc)

-Exploration and experimentation


Classroom teaching coupled with boarding is an holistic education experience. Primary education is the most important foundation for students' life-long learning. With such an all-round education in SSCPS, students will have the opportunity to extend their education and develop their maximum potential.



Why only for Grade 6?

Grade 6 is a transition link between childhood and teenage. This is the time when moulding of personality starts. To make sure that students are equipped with the necessary tools, and make the transition positive and enjoyable, they are provided with peer and adult support.


The strong bonds between the teachers and students and also amongst the students themselves, provides a healthy secure environment to learn relationship building and nurturing.


The structured study time also helps to develop good study habits in students and prepares them for the more demanding student life in the future.


The all new boarding programme is specially designed to cater for Grade 6 needs. It provides a balanced training, which is rich in variety and fun, for physical and mental development.


The programme is chiefly divided into four areas of training: "Life-skill Training", "Personal Management", "Community Service" and "Cultural Activities". The training is conducted by resident teachers during the boarding activity time, while the school out source its Personal Management course to professionals. It is anticipated that through such trainings students will grow up as individuals with the ability to think and live independently, and with positive and motivated personalities. This should help them bridge this transition period whether they pursue their further studies abroad or in Hong Kong.