English Department

Our English Department is a truly global department with a diverse faculty from around the world. This eclectic mix is responsible for giving our students a wide perspective of English language and literature.  Developing the natural curiosity of children through teaching them  ‘how to learn’ rather than ‘what to learn’ helps our students take  control of their learning and enhances their critical and independent thinking skills.
Literature forms the basis of our English curriculum. Through fiction and non-fiction texts, students perfect the skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, with an accompanying focus on accurate grammar. This contextual learning helps students to master the language effortlessly, use it fluently and to develop a lifelong enjoyment of reading for pleasure.
Students also participate in Inquiry Based Learning projects (IBL), which help them to apply these learned skills through research-based topics. These group-based activities nurture natural curiosity, critical and lateral thinking, hands-on learning and teamwork. The research projects also cultivate strong presentation skills. This ensures that our students are able to adapt their written and spoken language appropriately, so they can present their findings in a range of different contexts.
Formal teaching is just one way of encouraging students to become lifelong learners. We also make language learning fun through various English activity clubs like Book Club, Cookery Club, ‘Reporter for a day’ and Writing Club. Events like Character dress-up day and Roald Dahl Day help students to celebrate their favourite writers.

Assessment: Both formative and summative assesment help students to chart their progress. Using a wide variety of assessment methods, students’ language skills are tested and developed. Students regularly practice peer assessment, leading to a reflective and constructive learning environment.


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