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Grade One Application

2021 - 2022 Grade One Admission Briefing

1.  Principal’s Introduction


2. Curriculum

3. Special Programmes


4. Facilities and Extra-curricular Activities


5. General Information and Application Details


6. School Promotion Video


Application for Admission to Grade One 2021 - 2022

Enrolment Requirement

Application For Admission to Grade One (2021 - 2022)


8th  - 26th June 2020

Office Hours

Monday to Friday
9:00 am - 12:00 noon / 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Application Procedure

Please fill in the online application form under the section “Admission – Grade One Application” on the School website. Scanned documents of the applicant should be uploaded with the application.

Grade One Admission Online Application


Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the first interview for Grade 1 (2021-2022) admission will not be conducted. In lieu of this, on conclusion of registration process, parents are requested to submit a portfolio of their child by hand or mail to the School office before 10th July 2020.


School Address: 30 Wong Ma Kok Road, Stanley, Hong Kong


Kindly note the following:
1. The portfolio should not be more than five (double- sided printed) A4 pages.
2. Applicant’s name and number should be clearly stated on the first page of the portfolio.
3. No original documents should be included in the portfolio.


Approximately 800 candidates will be shortlisted after the portfolio assessment. In mid-September, the shortlisted candidates’ application numbers will be posted on the School website and they will receive an invitation via email to attend the interview.


- The shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend a 30 minutes interview in Cantonese, 
Putonghua and English. 

- Interviews will take place on 9th and 10th October 2020.
- General questions based on the daily life experience will be asked.  No preparation is  



Applicants will be assessed in the following areas:
- listening
- comprehending
- analysing
- information processing
- presenting ideas and facts   

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for the Parent- child interview.


Parent- child Interview:
-The shortlisted candidates and their parents will be invited to attend an interview starting 
early November 2020.

School Fee

School Fee for year 2019-2020 is $89,500 per annum.

Fixed Term Note Programme for Grade One

St Stephen’s Foundation Limited
2021 Fixed Term Note Programme
No. Event Download
1 Brief introduction of FTN English / 中文
2 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers English / 中文
3 Tentative Timetable English
4 “ Request for Application Form ” English
All enquiries should be directed to Mr Desmond Lai:
E-mail:       foundation@ssc.edu.hk
Phone:       28130360
Website:    http://www.sscps.edu.hk

Grade Two to Six Application

Application for 2020-2021 Grade Two to Six is closed.
Details of the application for 2021-2022 Grade Two to Six will be announced in April 2021.