Date School News
2023-09-18 2024-2025 Grade One Admission Interview List
2023-07-02 Concert
2023-07-19 SSCPS has got Talent G3, G4, G5 & G6
2023-07-19 SSCPS has got Talent G1 & G2
2023-07-10 Graduation & Prize Giving Ceremony
2023-07-05 Year-End Assembly
2023-05-29 陽光學長
2023-07-04 Student of the month (April, May & June)
2023-06-03 2024-2025 Grade One Admission Briefing
2023-06-08 Tiger Day
2023-05-29 G6 Graduation Camp
2023-05-25 Boarding Activities(May)
2023-05-05 Boarding Activities (April)
2023-05-05 Be a Teacher a Day
2023-06-01 Reunion for Graduates of 2013 (20 Aug 2023 @ SSCPS) (Please stay tuned!)
2023-05-26 Music Presentation 2023
2023-05-11 Swimming Gala
2023-05-08 75th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Prize Winners
2023-04-24 G6 Boarder’s Planting Lesson宿生種植班
2023-04-28 Sports Day
2023-03-27 Visit to Ving Tsun Athletic Association 5EC&5F 參觀詠春體育會
2023-04-19 Boarding Activities (March)
2023-03-27 Spring Social Thank you for making Spring Social an enormous success. A series of activities including House Cup Fashion Competition, Charity Bazaar, Front Yard Sale, Sale of Special Souvenirs, Charity Basketball Competition and Football Match, and other
2023-04-19 全港青年普通話朗誦比賽 (公民教育) (2022-23年) 獲獎名單
2023-03-21 Student of the Month (February)
2023-03-03 Boarding Activities(February)
2023-03-31 第二十九屆聖經朗誦節得獎名單
2023-02-27 Visual Arts ECA - Printmaking
2023-02-27 Visual Arts ECA - Mural Painting Team (Semester 1)
2023-02-27 Marine Debris Upcycling Workshop
2023-02-27 Visual Arts ECA - Creative Arts Studio
2023-02-16 G5 Education Camp
2023-02-23 SSCPS Athletics Team's excellent results in the Wan Chai District Athletics Competition
2023-03-14 74th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival Prize Winners (English)
2023-03-13 第 74屆香港學校朗誦節 (中文項目)得獎名單
2023-02-10 H.K.S.K.H. Welfare Council's "Charity Raffle 2022" Outstanding Award
2023-02-03 香港青年協會賽馬會Media 21媒體空間之 The Next Influencer 短片創作訓練營
2023-02-08 Student of the Month (December & January)
2023-02-07 Boarding Activities (January)
2023-01-19 Inter-House Bunny Hop
2023-01-23 SSCPS Athletics Team has achieved amazing results in the Hong Kong Island East Inter-Primary Schools Athletics Competition
2023-01-04 Boarding Activities(December)
2023-01-04 Boarding Activities(November)
2022-12-13 G5 Education Day Camp
2022-12-14 五年級參觀香港故宮文化博物館
2022-12-09 Student of the Month (November)
2022-12-08 G4 Education Day Camp
2022-12-02 G4 & G5 Inter-House Games Battle
2022-12-09 G4 Coral Ecology and Biodiversity Seminar
2022-12-02 World Sports Day
2022-12-08 G6 Visiting the Legislative Council
2022-12-06 G4, 5EC & 5F "Meet the Author"
2022-12-05 Virtual Tour of the Forbidden City 天涯咫尺——虛擬北京故宮宮殿
2022-11-22 詠春師傅到校計劃 Wing Chun Workshop
2022-11-18 "The Girl Behind the Face - Mui Thomas" Sharing
2022-11-18 G2 Inter-House Games Battle
2022-11-12 Presentation of findings of “Ving Tsun-Martial arts in Artificial intelligence” 「詠春的虛擬境界」 成果發佈會
2022-11-11 G5 Shuttlecock Kicking Experiential Workshop
2022-11-10 Student of the Month (October)
2022-11-04 Boarding Activities (October)
2022-11-04 4EC,4F & 5EC, 5F visit Anchor House (Detective Day) 四、五年級翱翔班「偵探日」活動
2022-10-31 G5EC&F Pressed Flower Workshop 五年級翱翔班押花玻璃相框擺設工作坊
2022-10-28 G4 Inter-House Chopsticks Challenge
2022-10-24 An alumnus, Louis Tong, a member of the Junior Hong Kong SAR Sports Climbing team and his coach, Mr Danny Ho share their thoughts with G6 boarders
2022-10-21 September Student of the Month - Certificates Presentation Ceremony
2022-10-18 Student of the Month Celebration - SSCPS Arcade
2022-10-19 G5 Dunhuang and Silk Road Talk 五年級敦煌及絲綢之路文化講座
2022-10-20 G6 Visit to SSC Heritage Trail 六年級參觀聖士提反書院文物徑
2022-10-20 G6 Visit to Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park 六年級翱翔班遊海下灣
2022-10-20 G3 Talk on Biodiversity and Conservation by Ocean Park
2022-10-19 PTA Annual General Meeting
2022-10-18 Marco Fu Ka-Chun, top snooker player and proud SSCPS parent, shares his thoughts in special event
2022-10-17 Talk on Internet Safety by Sergent Lau (G6)
2022-10-15 Flag Raising Training Camp
2022-10-14 Aniform Day 22-23
2022-10-13 G4 HKU Campus Tour 四年級翱翔班參觀香港大學
2022-10-11 Introductory Kayak Course (G6)
2022-10-10 HK School Sports Federation(HKSSF) Primary School 5-a-side Football Competition
2022-10-06 Student of the Month (Sept)
2022-10-03 Inter-House Chinese Dubbing Competition - "Journey to the West"
2022-09-23 G6 Inter-house Sports Trivia
2022-09-17 SSCPS Basketball Team Friendly Match with St Anthony's School
2022-09-12 Boarding Activities(September)
2022-08-15 Pacer Athletics Competition 2022
2022-09-23 Participation in the Production of Music Video《少年中國說》 of the Education Bureau Aug 10 & 31
2022-09-01 Appointment of New Principal
2022-08-29 G1 Trial Programme
2022-07-28 Dr Wai's Retirement Walk
2022-07-22 Naming Ceremony of Agnes Wai Hall