Date School News
2022-07-13 Registration Details: e-Time Capsule Reunion for Graduates of 2012 on August 6, 2022
2022-06-24 74th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Prize Winners
2022-05-20 Application for Admission to Grade One (2023-2024)
2022-05-03 Fixed Term Note Programme for Grade One
2021-02-09 The 73rd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival Prize Winners (English)
2022-02-08 第73屆香港學校朗誦節得獎名單(普通話項目)
2021-12-20 Season Greetings from SSCPS Students & Faculty
2021-11-01 第四屆品德教育傑出教學獎
2021-06-07 G1 Talent Show
2021-06-07 G2 & G3 Talent Show
2021-06-07 G4-G6 Talent Show
2021-06-17 House of the Year: Bull House! Bull Day Celebrations Photos
2021-06-17 Grade 3 Games Day
2021-06-17 Game 2 Games Day
2021-06-17 Grade 1 Games Day
2021-06-24 73rd Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Prize Winners
2021-06-01 2021年第27屆聖經朗誦節得獎名單
2021-05-21 Our Athletics Team participated in the Pacer Athletic Club Tournament and achieved great results!
2021-04-29 To impart the message behind this year’s theme, Explore, Excel, Embrace, the Disability Awareness Day has successfully held on 22nd and 23rd April 2021. Through different experiential activities and sharing sessions, students learnt to be more empathetic
2021-04-16 Tender for Textbook Supply
2021-04-01 Tender for Catering Services
2021-02-05 第72屆香港學校朗誦節獨誦比賽得獎名單(中文賽事)
2021-02-05 72nd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival Prize Winners (English)
2021-01-14 Video: Grade 6 Games Day
2021-01-14 Video: Grade 5 Games Day
2021-01-14 Video: Grade 4 Games Day
2021-01-14 Grade 5 Games Day
2021-01-14 Grade 4 Games Day
2021-01-14 Grade 6 Games Day
2020-12-16 Student of the Month (November): Congratulations to the Winners and Runner-ups of Student of the Month. Keep Up the Good Work.
2020-12-07 熱烈恭賀4C班潘啟堯同學勇奪深水埗區劍擊比賽男子花劍十歲及以下組季軍。
2020-11-03 Aniform Day
2020-09-14 Shortlisted Applicants for 2021-2022 Grade One Admission Interview
2020-09-01 Welcome back to school
2020-08-07 Congratulations to Professor Frederick Leung (School Supervisor) on being elected President of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI)
2020-07-22 Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Canadian English Writing Invitational! Kacelyn Luk (2D) was named the champion in Grade 2 category. Our school was also awarded 8 Gold Awards, 17 Silver Awards and 16 Bronze Awards
2020-07-22 Year end assembly photos
2020-07-22 Tell A Tale Final
2020-07-22 Our students participated in the EF Dream Destination Competition and achieved great results! Janet Li (6A) came first and Emily Leung (6C) came second. Anka Chan (4A), Leah Wong (4A), Hailey Yeung (4B), Lucas Mao (4D), Wong Kwong Ting (5A), Margaret Tam
2020-07-22 Congratulations to the students who participated in the Final Event of the Asia English Usage Contest! Our school was awarded 9 Gold Awards, 16 Silver Awards and 14 Bronze Awards.
2020-07-20 Year End Assembly (Part 2)
2020-07-20 Year End Assembly (Part 1)
2020-07-13 Coronavirus Disease 2019 Special Notice (14) – Arrangements for G1-G5 about Early Commencement of Summer Vacation
2020-07-10 Coronavirus Disease 2019 - Special Notice (13) – Cancellation of G6 Graduation Ceremony
2020-06-30 Congratulations to Manon Tam (4D) and Katie Wan (6A) who came 1st and 2nd in the Southern District Age Group Badminton Competition 2019 respectively.
2020-06-30 Congratulations to Manson Tam (6A) who was nominated to be the 2019-2020 A.S. Watson Group Hong Kong Student Sports Awards.
2020-06-30 Our School Football team came 1st in the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation Hong Kong Island East Area Inter-Schools Football Competition in 2019-2020
2020-06-30 Congratulations to Marcus Kor (3B) for getting several medals in the 2019-20 West Central District Swimming Competition and 2019 Age Group Division 3 Long Course Swimming Competition.
2020-06-30 2020 第二十六屆聖經朗誦節獲獎名單
2020-06-12 SSCPS Has Got Talent 2020 - Episode 5
2020-06-05 SSCPS Has Got Talent 2020 - Episode 4