Date School News
2020-03-25 Novel Coronavirus - Special Notice (6)
2020-03-02 《聖士提反舊生醫生分享如何面對疫境 - 迎難而上 無畏無懼》- To Fight To Win With Steadfast Pride
2020-02-28 Novel Coronavirus - Special Notice (5)
2020-02-18 Novel Coronavirus - Special Notice (4)
2020-02-10 Novel Coronavirus - Special Notice (3)
2020-02-03 Novel Coronavirus - Special Notice (2)
2020-01-27 Novel Coronavirus - Special Notice (1)
2020-01-13 恭賀4C黃仕淦,4D談旭翰及6A談旭宏於「飛達新春田徑比賽」中奪得佳績。
2020-01-13 港島東區小學田徑學界賽成績
2019-12-18 本校女子籃球隊於2019年12月14日參與桂華山中學主辦的「華山盃三人籃球賽」,並於比賽中奪得殿軍。
2019-12-18 本校男子籃球隊於2019年12月15日參與由深籃體育會主辦的籃球聯賽,並於比賽中奪得亞軍。
2020-01-13 Basketball Training Camp
2020-01-15 SSCPSPTA FFD Rundown and Site Layout Plan
2020-01-07 Congratulations to Manson Tam 6A and Manon Tam 4D for being 3rd runner-up in All Hong Kong Jing Ying Tournament (Badminton)
2020-01-07 本校足球隊派出兩隊球隊於2019年12月14-15日參加了由香港仔坊會舉辨之冠忠南區慈善足球賽,並於比賽中勇奪U10組碟賽冠軍及U13組杯賽亞軍。
2020-01-06 52 of our students competed in the Heat Event of the Asian English Usage Contest 2019-2020 and we achieved fantastic results! Our school was named Primary 3-4 Group Champion. 18 students received Gold Awards, 18 students received Silver Awards and 16 stud
2019-11-27 Grade 5 Education Camp
2019-12-20 IBL Presentation Schedule
2019-12-20 第71屆香港學校朗誦節得獎名單
2019-11-01 2019 Aquathlon Race
2019-12-17 培生校際朗誦比賽2019得獎名單
2019-12-12 Visit to Hong Kong Sports Institute
2019-11-27 Grade 4 Education Camp
2019-11-22 Our Tell A Tale Storytelling Competition contestants participated in a workshop hosted by Teacup Productions on Friday, 22nd November 2019. It was a memorable experience that was enjoyed by all!
2019-12-09 Some of our students competed in the World Junior Schools Public Speaking Competition and achieved fantastic results! In Category 1, Kaitlyn Kam (3D) was named the winner, Valerie Chan (3C) came second, and Tyler Wong (3D) came third. Emily Leung (6C) and
2019-11-28 Congratulations to 2D Kacelyn Luk, 3C Rachel Chong, 6A Manson Tam and 6C Nathan Tse who came 3rd in the Hong Kong Inter-school Aquathon Race
2019-11-25 Special Notice
2019-11-04 本校足球隊於2019年11月2日(星期六)參加由香港足球總會主辦之2019-20年度賽馬會五人足球盃(學校組)足球挑戰日,並勇奪冠軍。
2019-10-31 Aniform Day 2019
2019-11-01 Congratulations to the winners of the Hong Kong Island East Area Inter-school Swimming Competition
2019-10-31 Congratulations to Professor Frederick Leung (School Supervisor) on being elected Honorary Member of IEA
2019-10-02 本校足球隊於9月26日參加由啟毅發展有限公司主辦之啟毅學界熱身盃,並於比賽中奪得季軍。
2019-10-02 5B陳光裕及3C潘啟堯同學於10月1日參加了由九龍城區體育會主辦之國慶杯少年及兒童劍擊賽2019。他們分別在2008 (5B陳光裕勇奪季軍)及2011 (3C潘啟堯) 年花劍組勇奪亞軍。
2019-09-27 Swimming Gala
2019-09-25 Grade 1 STEM Learning My Body
2019-09-24 Aniform day kick off ceremony 2019
2019-09-11 The Standard 4th Story Writing Competition
2019-09-05 Prefect Training Camp
2019-09-05 Taiwan Football Training Tour
2019-09-02 School Commences